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Event Design

Lighting Design

Involving our Architects, Engineers and Light Designers to get you with

a realistic preview in 2D or 3D of your Event with our Renderings and Virtualizations.

ALMA PROJECT 24/7 - Light Design

From Dream to Reality: we can transform every space in a Special Place, customizing your Event with Projections, Light Effects, Carpeting, Floorings, tailored Stages, and more!

ALMA PROJECT 24/7 - Rendering Porsche Leopolda
ALMA PROJECT 24/7 - Rendering Porsche Leopolda 2

Stazione Leopolda, Florence: Unveiling of the New Porsche Macan - Setup & Final Result - Stage and Projections

ALMA PROJECT 24/7 - Rendering Il Ciocco Country Resort

Renaissance Tuscany il Ciocco Resort  (Barga, Lucca) - Brooks® Running‎ - Corporate Event 

ALMA PROJECT 24/7 - Brilliant Gala Night - Villa Medicea di Lilliano
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