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and Brilliant Show!

Professional Deejay Services, Sound Systems & Party Lighting, Dancefloors, Mood lighting and Ledwalls.

The Brilliant Show! With Sax, Trumpet, Electric Violin, Drummers... a Live Dj Set for your Party!

Not Only Deejays
ALMA PROJECT 24/7 - THE BRILLIANT Show @ Villa Medicea di Lilliano, #BrilliantGalaNight, March, 29th, 2017
The Original Brilliant Night with Deejays, Drummers, Sax, Trumpet, Electric Violin & Guitar!
Castello del Nero - Dj Set, MH, Beam Rolls, Uplights, Private Party
VDG - Dj Set, Sax & Drums Brilliant! Fairy Lights, Vintage Bulbs
Castiglion del Bosco - Dj Set, MH, Transparent Dancefloor... and more!

We satisfied more than 5,000 clients since 2001 with our Professional Deejays providing music for Private and Corporate events.


Every Dj Service is completely customized and with the use of our Online Requests Form we will save your preferences and share them with your On Field Team.

Our Deejays are able to satisfy all your needs, depending on guests’ nationality, your style, your favorite music and genres.


We'll ask you to fill the Form with your Top 10, your Black List and favorite songs for Special Moments  (e.g. Cake Cutting, First Dance, Corporate and National Hymns).

Every night, is a different night.

Every night, is a special night for you and us.

Vincigliata - Dj Set, Catwalk, MH, Live Sax & Drums
ALMA PROJECT 24/7 @ Castello di Vincigliata - The Brilliant Show! 170906
Deejay, Drummers, Sax, Trumpet, Electric Violin
VDG - Dj Set, Electric Violin, Drums
Drummers Duo - Show Reel 
Led Drums Show - Demo
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